Saturday, February 23, 2013

Controlling a Hottop

Thanks to the genius work of Jim it is now possible to control the heater and fan of a Hottop roaster from your PC. Jim designed the HT Roaster Interface, an electronic device. It is available as Arduino-compatible shield that may be piggybacked on a TC4C board and can take over the control of the connected Hottop. It takes serial commands send from a computer to the Arduino micro-controller and sets the heater power and fan speed accordingly. If it receives the string "OT1,75" it sets the heater to 75% and if it receives the string "IO3,21" it sets the fan speed to 21%.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Artisan 0.6 beta

Last November we released Artisan v0.5.6 that only added a minor fix for the Voltcraft K201 meter over Artisan v0.5.5, which is available already since September 2011. The development of Artisan seems to have stopped. Not true!