Friday, March 22, 2013


Sometimes it is hard to get up in the morning. Alarm clocks may help with this. The Artisan alarms feature instead can help you in keeping the focus while roasting. There are triggers and actions. So assuming we would like Artisan to show a popup once the BT (bean temperature) raises beyond 180C, reminding us to turn down the heat on approaching FCs (First Crack Start). Here BT raises beyond 180C is the trigger and showing a popup is the action.

Modbus RTU

Artisan v0.6 adds a new device call MODBUS. Selecting that one allows you to have Artisan talk to your Modbus RTU device. Modbus is a de facto standard serial communication protocol connecting industrial electronic devices. Artisan supports the RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) variant and plays the role of the supervisory computer, while the connected devices have to be the slaves. Interesting devices for us are variable-frequency drive controllers that allow to control the speed of your drum and fans as well as PID controllers. But there are also temperature meters that provide a Modbus link.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Events, Buttons and Palettes

Artisan focus on logging your roasts. It plots temperature curves using data from a meter or manual input (using this magic device NONE). However, a roast profile is not only about temperature and time. There are important events happening during roasting that are useful to compare profiles. Between CHARGE and DROP there is the turning point (TP) where the bean temperature starts rising again after the initial temperature drop caused by inserting the cold beans. Others key events of a roast are the end of the drying phase (DE), the begin and end of the first and second crack, abbreviated as FCs, FCe, SCs, SCe. These key events can be recorded by pressing the corresponding buttons during the roast.