Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Artisan v2.1

This is the Artisan version we will use to prove Scott Rao wrong (or right). We extended Artisan in various ways to facilitate the application of his roasting theory.  Thanks Scott, for pushing us!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Profile Analyzer

Roasters often want to analyze their roasts to measure consistency, look for aspects of the profile that can be improved, and to create metrics to score the roast against a set quality measures.  Artisan offers many ways to provide information on a roast.  These include the Statistics Summary, Plotter and Math tabs, AUC (area under the curve), and many others.

Artisan v2.1 adds a new set of features to provide additional insights.  These features continue Artisan's heritage of exploring new ways of interpreting roast data.

Background Images

Artisan v2.1 allows you to show an image in the background of your profiles. This can be any image you choose.  It could be a logo, a picture of your roaster or anything you choose.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Symbolic Formulas: Basics, New Variables and Applications

Each Artisan input channel can be intercepted by a symbolic formula before its data is forwarded to the corresponding curve. Symbolic formulas allow to change data retrieved from the input source before it is further processed, displayed and stored in the internal data structures. In that respect, the use of symbolic formulas is usually destructive to the original data received. From Artisan v2.1 on, symbolic formulas can also be applied to the two rate-of-rise channels.

In this post we recap the basics of Artisan's symbolic formula mechanism, describe the new variables that have been added in Artisan v2.1 and explain their interplay by discussing useful applications.