Sunday, November 24, 2019

Background Images

Artisan v2.1 allows you to show an image in the background of your profiles. This can be any image you choose.  It could be a logo, a picture of your roaster or anything you choose.

To set a background image follow the menu Config > Curves > UI. Click on the "Load" button to choose an image file.  Then set the opacity level from 0 to 10, where 0 it totally transparent and 10 is totally opaque.  The default setting is 2.0.

Choosing "Hide Image During Roasting" will hide the image whenever Artisan is recording.  Use this option if you want to reduce visual clutter in the graph while you are roasting.

Note: To experiment with the Artisan logo image used in this article click this link to download.

While the image can be anything you choose, there are some steps you can take to prepare the image to look its best. An image that has a transparent border will look the best. The screenshot at the top shows a logo with a transparent border.  The screenshot below shows the same logo without a transparent border.

If your image does not already have transparency there are many options for adding it.  If you have an image editor on your computer refer to its documentation for instructions.  There are many free online services that can do this.  A search for "online image editor" is a good place to start.

The size of your image affects how Artisan treats it.  If the image's pixel size is larger than the graph's pixel size, Artisan will shrink the image to fit.  Otherwise Artisan does not change the size of the image.  Artisan always places the center of the image in the graph center.

If your image is smaller than the graph and you want to make it either larger or smaller you will need to resize the image in an external image editor.  

The screenshot below shows a logo that is larger than the graph.  Artisan has resized the image to fit.  The image is actually touching the top and bottom of the graph but the transparent border of the image provides the separation you see in the screenshot.

Enjoy setting a background image in your Artisan graphs.