Friday, June 14, 2013

Artisan 0.6

It took a moment, but now it is released:
Artisan v0.6 for Windows, OS X and Linux

Developing this version was a very exciting experience, because of all the enthusiastic support we received over the last year. We would like to thank especially the following people.


Our translators took the challenge to work through the more than 1200 phrases.

  • Çetin Barut (Turkish)
  • Marcio Carneiro (Portuguese)
  • Ostnes Runar (Norwegian)
  • Yoshida Minoru (Japanese)
  • David Lahoz (Spanish)
  • Savvas Kiretsis (Greek)
  • Wa'il (Arabic)
  • Piet Dijk, Frans Goddijn (Dutch)
  • Alex Fan (Chinese)
  • Bertrand Souville (French)
  • Zoltán Kis (Hungarian)

We learned a lot from them! Did you know that Arabic characters have to be reshaped and that there is simplified as well as a traditional chinese writing?

Linux Testers

A number of geeks helped us out to develop and test a incredibly large number of builds on their setups:

  • Claudia Raddatz
  • Marcio Carneiro (again)
  • Wa'il (again)
  • Lukas Kolbe
  • Oliver Schirmer
  • Kristoffer, Johansson


Some commercial and semi-commercial users pushed us towards general Modbus RTU support. We did our best and in return they did some testing on their equipment and wrote a number of detailed reports.

  • David Lahoz
  • Kyle Iseminger
  • Matthew Sewell
  • Ingo

CENTER301 / Voltcraft K201

Several users made us aware that the CENTER301/K201 was broken in previous releases. They took some tiresome remote testing with a smile.

  • Carlos Pascual
  • Gunnar Troll

TC4 / HRI / aArtisanQ_PID

Jim Gallt supported us with his Arduino expertise and donated one of his famous TC4/HRI hardware.  Brad Collins kept on answering our stupid PID related question without ever complaining and share several clever ideas.


We are grateful to Savvas Kiretsis for keeping us busy, sending all those spikey profiles. Hope by now the all got filtered! David Trebilcock suggested a number of features that made Artisan more suiteable to a commercial setting. Frans Goddijn supported us by a guest post and a number of fine pictures. Finally Matt Fischler tested the first Python 3 based versions of Artisan.

Thank you all!

The Artisan Team