Friday, February 20, 2015

Proaster and Artisan

COFFEE OLLE, a coffee roaster in Hong Kong, posted instructions on how they connect Artisan directly via USB to their 5Kg THCR-03 Proaster shop roaster.

The Proaster talks MODBUS RTU via RS485 and features an RS485-to-USB converter (usually an Autonics SCM-US48I) that allows to connect directly to a computers USB.

After installing Artisan as well as the proper RS485-to-USB USB driver (usually the FTDI VCP) one needs to configure MODBUS as main device (menu Config >> Device).

Then Artisan needs to now at which slave/register combinations to retrieve the ET/BT temperatures from (menu Config >> Serial Port, MODBUS tab), as well as the serial communication parameters

This configuration has been reported to work also with the 1.5Kg THCR-01 Proaster and might apply also to Proaster roasters of other sizes.


  1. Hi, Marko Luther, thanks for your work, Artisan is an excellent software. Based on your posting, I install Artisan on a laptop,and it worked all right with my Proaster THCR-01.
    Then I connected my laptop to other roaster,the coffee-tech 15R, and it work so good.
    Here is the problem, Artisan can not recording BT with Proaster THCR-01 now, how can I fixed that?

  2. my temps show about 90º too high.. how do i calibrate? thanks.

  3. Hi, I'm a beginner of coffee roaster. I've brought a coffee roaster from Korea - PROASTER,
    MODEL : CR-005. I have a problem when I connect to ARTISAN-visual scope of coffee roaster.
    How can I connect to ARTISAN as I'm using Mac OS?

    1. I have no information on the communication capabilities of that machine. If that machine does not offer any MODBUS via USB connection, you could put yourself some k-type probes and connect them via a Phidgets 1048 to Artisan.

  4. Hi im trying to install artisan on a second macbookpro. I cant remember how i got the Autonics SCM-US48I driver to install, there is not an installer. Can you please help me. I was roasting away but my laptop died on my and its being repaired.




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