Monday, October 10, 2016

Die Zweite Deutsche SCAE Röstmeisterschaft 2016

The second German SCAE coffee roasting championship took place last week on 5-7 October @Probat in Emmerich. It followed very closely the protocol and style of last year's roasting championship.

Again, the other German SCAE national competitions, like the Barista Championship, will take place this November at the Kaffeeolympiade in Munich. Only the roasting competition was again relocated for organizational reasons to the Probat showroom in Emmerich.

10 competitors from all over Germany registered for this year's competition.

Update 23.10.2016: Cupping scores added.

Sponsors & Supporters

Probat provided access to its facilities and supported the competitions with their staff, machines and tools under the supervision of Jens Roelofs, Daniela Nowitzki and Adriana Rehn.

The green coffee, one from Columbia for the training roasts and the honey processed Jaguar Costa Rica for the actual competitions were sponsored by Gollücke & Rothfos.

The third price, a Wile Coffee moisture meter, was sponsored by Farmcomp. Marko brought along one of his brand new tiny Tonino roast color meters and Probat supports the competition of this year's winner at the World Coffee Roasting Championship (WCRC) in Guangzhou, China 2017.

As last year, Josef Gander (Kuntrawant) and Bono Gargolov (Barista Bono) joined me on my way from the south of Germany to support the event as volunteers. This year we received a lot of extra support by my friend and blogger Frans ( who travelled to Emmerich from Amsterdam.


Benjamin, who was among the finalists already last year, made it this year, closely followed by Erik and Duc.
  1. Benjamin Pozsgai (moxxa.caffè, Köln)
  2. Erik Brockholz  (Kaffeerösterei Burg, Hamburg)
  3. Duc Dung Nguyen (Caphe House, Düsseldorf)


The following are the profiles of the roast that have been submitted by the 3 winners. All profiles were recorded using the Artisan roast logging software, reading the bean temperature (BT), environmental temperature (ET) and settings of the fully modulating burner (0-100%) from the Probat Probatone 5Kg roasting machine at a sampling rate of 2 seconds. CHARGE, DRY (end yellow phase), FCs (first-crack start) and DROP events were manually entered by the roast masters. 

The profiles below show the BT as dark blue line, the ET as fine red line, and the burner values as dotted black line. BT RoR curve, added by Artisan, is printed below in light blue and the burner changes have been created using Artisan's event quantifiers mechanism. Below the x-axis, the roast time, bean name, charge size, weight loss and Tonino color values are listed. Note that the weight-loss is computed from the charge size and submitted roasted coffee after the roast master sorted out quaker and other defective beans. Therefore, the computed weight-loss can be slightly higher than expected.

The profiles submitted by the 7 remaining competitors are given below in no specific order. Missing FCs events were manually added post-roast for the profiles of Alexander Pful, Jan Christof Prell and Yil Quirezi at 202C (the average of the other roasts) to allow Artisan to compute the rations per roasting phase.

All profiles have been collected on a GoogleDrive as Artisan .alog profiles, PDFs in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit. A sortable table comparing the essential roast parameters of all 10 roasts is available in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The cupping results are also available as a sortable table. These results were averaged over those from the median three judges selected by removing the highest and lowest total scores out of the total of the five score sheets (see the 2016 World Coffee Roasting Championship Official Rules and Regulations).

The event in pictures and a short video by Frans.

UPDATE: The SCAE uploaded a nice summary of the event filmed, directed and cutted by Peter Schottmüller, RANGIROABLUESKY FILMPRODUKTION.


  1. Are the cupping results to follow? What criteria were used to select the winner(s)?

    1. I'll add those cupping results as soon I receive them from SCAE Germany. The official WRC 2016 regulations were applied.

    2. Just added the cupping results.

  2. i don't understand BTa in Roast Ranking Picture.
    How to calculate BTa or show this on artisan?

    1. The BTa is indicating the area underneath the BT curve and above 0C. BTa is just right now being replaced in Artisan v1.0 (still to be released) by a refined concept that is more flexible, but still determines the area underneath BT. Observe this space for a post on this during the next days.

    2. See AUC:

    3. Marko Luther , thank you ู^^

  3. Maybe it could be helpfull to indicate the speed of the drum too. As the charge is slightly lower than 5 kg, I think they reduce the speed of the drum too.

    1. The drum speed was fixed on those machines from Probat Probatone machines used at this event. For the newer Probatone machines produced from summer 2017 onwards there is an option to modulate the drum speed. Artisan is already able to record and also to change (via sliders or alarms) on those machines the drum speed. The next competition might run on those newer machines in early 2018.


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