Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Automatic Save

Did you know that you can instruct Artisan to save roast profiles automatically such that none can get lost? In combination with automatic batch numbering and batch reports, Autosave is a powerful tool to document your production.

Autosave is activated via menu Config >> Autosave. Tick the Autosave flag and specify a directory to store profiles via the Path button.

With Autosave active, the current profile is stored
  • on hitting the 'a' key, 
  • on starting a new roast via menu File >> New
  • and on stopping Artisan via OFF.

Artisan automatically composes a filename from the roast title (if given) and the roast date and time. If an Autosave prefix is specified, it replaces the roast title. If additional the batch counter is active  the batch counter prefix appended too.

Activating "Save PDF also" (available for Artisan v1.2 and newer), a PDF version of every profile is saved alongside the .alog file, even if Autosave is turned off.