Thursday, May 28, 2020

Roast Simulator

The Roast Simulator allows to replay a previously recorded roast session. It allows to play with events, alarms, and other settings without wasting coffee.

Choose the Simulator item under Tools and choose a roast profile to enter the simulation modus. In case a profile is already loaded, that profile is used as input for the simulation. Note that the simulator is not available in the Artisan Viewer.

As long as the simulator modus is active, the ON, START and OFF buttons are rendered with inverted colors. While the simulator is active,

  • the batch counter is not modified
  • roasts are not automatically uploaded to
  • commands are not sent to connected devices

The simulator modus can be used to

  • test symbolic formulas, alarm rules and the replay of events
  • observe the effect of various settings, like RoR smoothing, phases LCDs modes or AUC limits
  • observe the effect of slower sampling rates (e.g. on curve smoothing) as the profiles data is automatically downsampled if needed (note that upsampling does cannot improve the data;)

The simulator mode is deactivated by unticking the Simulator menu entry again.

NOTE: Holding down the OPTION key (macOS) or  the ALT key (Windows) while starting the Simulator mode turns double-speed mode on.  Holding the COMMAND key (macOS) or CONTROL key (Windows) modifier instead, adds a further duplication of the simulation speed.