Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Artisan v2.10.0


Artisan 2.10 runs native on Apple Silicon and adds support for Bühler und Joper roasting machines. There are some more news (see below).


The Artisan project runs on donations from individuals and companies recognizing the value of Artisan for their customers, work or leisure. Consider supporting this project with your donation, or even better, purchase an artisan.plus membership!

With a closing thank you to our long time supporter and friend Buckeye Coffee Roasters for sponsoring the Artisan v2.8.4 release, we welcome Paolo Scimone Coffee Consulting (UK/Italy) as sponsor for this release. If you would like to become our release sponsor for a future release, please contact us!

The past month we worked together with the teams of Bühler and Joper on adding support for their current machines to Artisan. Thank you for supporting the Artisan project! If you want to become a machine sponsor and like to have your machines being well supported and promoted by Artisan, please contact us!

Again the majority of the costs have been on the shoulders of Marko & Paul who created the artisan.plus service to provide some financial basis for the Artisan project.

The following individuals and operations (in no specific order) did support the development of this version with their donation to cover about 5% of the development costs: Richard Williams, Gavin Martin, Trent Marshall, Doug Leblanc, Mark (Hockley Valley Coffee Roasters Ltd), Rick Wells, Eric  Blechner, Barbara Eldridge, Jose Inacio Rocha Filho, Arnis Kleins, Robert (Cardinal Coffee Roasters Inc.), Matthew O'Brien, Kevin McCaffrey, 小野​佐敏, Black Oak Coffee Roasters, Wayne Sommersell, Maurin Carod, Darrell Garner, André Luiz Maciel Sousa Brito, Stefano Chiabotti, Friendly Roaster Coffee LLC, Eduardo Guapo, Lexzco Inc, Manuel Maloles, Ray Siuba, Robert Nichols, Bradley (Fiesta Roasters LLC), Wayne Kidwell, Jarrod Coronado, Michael Mathis, Kathleen Poer, Dennis Dran, Jochen Bühler, Abdulmajed Althiban, Alexa Murray, Vente de café, Eddy Loiseau, Robert Adelman, Brian Cooke, American Islander, Robert Denson, Kris Wattanaporn, Pepper Craft LLC, Mike (Raphael's Roastery), Darold Kirschman, Eric Von Krosigk, FawaZ, Gregory Robles, Rosarin (Súrr Coffee Roasters), 何​永雄, William Peterson, Hoang Nguyen, Cold Press Cafe Inc., Orwa Diraneyya, Bart Kramer, Milton Martinez, Carl (Durango Coffee Co.), Luis Fernando Correa Uribe, Andrew Finkelstein, Darren (Dark Star Coffee Roasters), Paul Bracey, Francisco de Assis Souza Almeida, Tod (Tod's Coffee Roastery).

We would like to thank especially the ones on the growing list of those that are supporting this project regularly: Steffen Müller, Frans Goddijn, Michael Kane, BeechCreek Coffee Roasters LLC, Norman Hardy, Grant and Jody (Speyside Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd), John Ewing, Graham Kennedy, Antonius Asbroek, Richard Bigus, George Putilin, Robert Dossett, Thomas Husband, Oliver Prosperi, Flint W Orr, Richard Bennett.

Special thanks go to Frank (Tee und Kaffeehaus Wittenberge) for drive us with fine raw Gesha beans from Colombia!

Finally, there are those Artisan geeks that tested continuous builds, beta and release candidate releases, suggesting better translations, changes, new features reporting many issues as well as resolving discussion items which we could resolve for this release: Manfred (Werksbrand),  Flint, peterweiserTerracotta-62NicopoundyRobjones6146, Dan (Fat Rabbit Coffee), Gustavo do Prado Ferreira dos Santos, ivanroaster, avimentor, procent85, hiroyuki2080, and Max Oliver.

Get active! Contribute ideasreport issues, help to improve the documentation and correct and extent the localizations. If you are short in time, consider to contribute with a donation to enable us to develop a next version.

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Your Artisan team

Dave, Michael and Marko

What's New?

Extra Device Curves in Roast Comparator

The Roast Comparator finally allows to compare extra device curves.

New Fonts

We added two new graph fonts. The Comic Neue is a redesigned version of the famous Comic Sans (also supported) and the xkcd Script, featured in the above animation, is a more complete version of the already supported Humor, featuring small and accent characters.

Improved AutoCHARGE and AutoDROP

Dave made quite some efforts to improve the AutoCHARGE and AutoDROP heuristic of Artisan to work as expected for a larger number of installations. The recognition accuracy still depends very much on the quality of the bean temperature signal that Artisan is recording. Some system deliver a very noise-free signal with very clear signal drops on CHARGE and DROP, making it relatively easy to pinpoint the event. On other systems the signal drops are rather smooth and sometimes hardly to distinguish from noise. Note that these heuristics are computed on the raw signal, while their results are presented on smoothed data based on the smoothing settings you have chosen.

Dave made use of the symbolic formula support and graphical capabilities of Artisan to visualize the algorithms choices during development. Nice!


Additional Alarm Conditions

The temperature alarm conditions have been extended by conditions that allow to compare the current source value to the given value by equality and inequality.

Alternate Slider Layout

By default the four available sliders are placed top to bottom from left to right. Now we added an alternative layout (menu Config >> Events, 3rd tab Sliders, flag Alternative Layout) whose layout is anti-clockwise. This is especially helpful if one of the slider pairs in one column is deactivated such that the second one gets the full space. Now you can better choose which of the slider can enjoy that larger space.

Default Slider Layout
Alternative Slider Layout

Alternative Layout with Slider 1 deactivated

Alternative Stock Weight Units

For those with processes using mixed weight units, hold down the OPTION (macOS) or ALT (Windows) key while opening the stocks popup to get the current stock per coffee reported in the alternative weight unit.

Stock in kg

Stock in lbs

Additional Machine and Device Support

We worked together with the engineers at Bühler adding support for their Roastmaster series machines (RM20 Playone as well as RM60, RM120 and RM240) as well as the engineers at Joper developing the support for their PLC equipped shop roasters. 

New Builds

This is the first release of Artisan running native on macs with Apple Silicon (M1, M2, M3, ..). The mac app comes as (signed and notarized) fat universal2 binary supporting macOS 12 Monterey and better (incl. macOS 14 Sonoma).

This is also the first release running on the latest Raspbian OS bookmark (64bit), thus that OS seems to have still some issues with Window decorators and Window modalities. Therefore we tagged it for now as experimental.

Updated Localizations

With the support of your input some localizations have been improved. Especially for Brazilian, German and Japanese.

Performance and Stability Improvements

This release comes with many internal improvements. The most important ones are
  • improved application settings handling leading to faster startup and tear down
  • new implementation of the Hottop protocol and the WebLCDs feature using modern infrastructure enabling the removal of some outdated libs
  • internal optimizations leading to faster redraw and data processing

The release brings us close to the point where we can focus on adding that fancy rotating 3D logo to the about box.