Friday, February 24, 2017

Artisan v1.0

After a long journey that started at the end of 2009, the development of Artisan finally reached version 1.0. Download it from the Artisan GitHub page. This one introduces only a few new features w.r.t. the previous one, but adds some small improvements and bug fixes. For the full list of changes and additions see the Artisan change log.

I like to thank Rafael Cobo for initiating this project and, in no specific order, Frans Goddijn, Jan van der Weel, Rob Gardner, David Baxter, Nick Watson, Taras Prokopyuk, Azis Nawawi, Rit Multi, Joongbae Dave Cho, and those that I forgot to put here, for their contributions to this release.

I thank also for all those that found Artisan useful and thus enabled this release with their donation: Morgan, Frans, Jan, Reiss, Ram, Owen, Rick, Tom, Greg, Paolo, Paul, Dave, Allen, Anton, Marco, Josef, Nick, Barry, Dan, Barry, Maurice, Robert, Ismael, Bo, Manfred, Tolga, Adam, Kenneth, Peter, Harald, Robert, Marc and Matias. You know who you are.

This release is yours!

Extended Device Support

More Automation

  • Extended PID support including internal Software PID
  • Adds a p-i-d button action to allow to change PID settings on the go
  • Adds SV slider to set easily set the target temperature also for the Fuji PXG
  • Adds function to "Playback Events" from background profiles. If activated via a flag in the Profile Background dialog (menu Roast >> Background), each custom event in the background profile triggers corresponding event slider changes and fires their actions at the specified time into the roast.
  • Adds "If Alarm" as "from" rule to alarm entries to allow the alarm to be triggered at the specified time after the one specified under "If Alarm".

Additional Tools

  • Area Under the Curve (AUC): indicates the total supplied energy, is updated during a roast and a ruler allows to duplicate a given energy target easily.
  • Batch profile conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature units
  • Import/Export of Probat Pilot profiles
  • Custom Events Clustering: allows to eliminate redundant custom event marks recorded via Event Quantifiers during (tick "Cluster" under menu Config >> Events, Quantifiers tab) or after a roast (press "Cluster" under menu Roast >> Properties, Events tab).

after quantification, but before clustering:

after clustering:

UI Extensions

  • adds a field to the Roast Properties dialog to enter the green bean temperature
  • adds TP (turning point) annotation on background profiles
  • adds color labels to HTM ranking reports to simplify the association between the table rows and the curves in the graph
  • adds undo of the last entered main event by clicking its button again
  • adds auto x-axis limits (menu Config >> Axis)
  • adds possibility to "clamp" the by-value custom event rendering to the 0-100 temperature scale
  • adds Russian, Indonesian, Thai and Korean translations (thanks to Taras Prokopyuk, Azis Nawawi, Rit Multi, Joongbae Dave Cho)
  • adds a flag to automatically open roast properties on CHARGE (menu Roast >> Profile)
  • adds a flag to disable/enable the number key shortcuts for switching palettes (menu Config >> Events, Palettes tab)