Friday, June 9, 2017

Recent Roasts Properties

Remember that day when you had to roast 100Kg of that Colombian bean on your 5Kg machine? You might have become tired re-entering all the same roast properties over and over again to document your roasts. A new feature in Artisan v1.1 allows you to store and recall up to 25 recent roast properties.

Store Roast Properties

To store the current roast properties for later reuse, just click the new + icon next to the title box in the Roast Properties dialog (menu Roast >> Properties). A new entry is added to the begin of the list of Recent Roast Properties, accessible via the popup title element. If that list grows beyond 25, the oldest ones are dropped. Most roast properties from this dialog are stored in the newly created record. On creation at least the title and in-weight have to be set. The profile loaded on creating the recent roast entry is associated with the entry as well and loaded into the background on recall.

The properties documenting the roasting result (weight roasted, volume roasted, density roasted, moisture roasted, whole and ground color) are by default not captured in recent roast entries. However, if you keep duplicating a roast exactly and always end up at the same roast output weight it might be useful to also include those properties into the recent roast entry to avoid having to enter that resulting roast weight over and over again for each such batch. Therefore those properties can be included in recent roast records by holding the ALT key on Windows (OPTION on macOS) while pressing the + icon to generate the entry. If you are an subscriber the beans selected from your inventory are added to recent roast entries as well, assuming you are logged into the platform while creating the entry.

Recall Roast Properties

To recall a set of recent roast properties from the list, just open that popup next to the title element in the Roast Properties dialog and select the entry by title and in-weight.

The elements of the recent roast properties are also available under the NEW roast menu item (menu File >> New), which allows to quickly start a new roast and automatically have the roast properties filled from the selected item. If you hold the ALT key while selecting an entry under the NEW roast menu the roast properties will be populated but now new roast is started.