Friday, October 21, 2022

Artisan v2.8.0

Time for an update! With added support for the between batch protocol and the addition of a phases widget to the Comparator this release focus on repeatability and consistency in roasting. It also comes with many smaller improvements and updated translations.


The Artisan project runs on donations from individuals and companies recognising the value of Artisan for their customers, work or leisure. Consider supporting this project with your donation, or even better, purchase an membership!

With a closing thank you to Showroom Coffee for sponsoring the Artisan v2.6.0 release, we welcome Coffee Machines Sale from Poland as sponsor for this release.

As before, we received the biggest support from Buckeye Coffee Roasters (USA). A big thank you from the Artisan community for your ongoing support. Compliment!

In return we offer every customer that purchases a machine from Randy a free 1-year PRO subscription! This offer is valid while Artisan v2.8.0 is the current release.

Besides Buckeye Coffee, no other machine manufacture did support this release.  Again the majority of the costs have been on the shoulders of Marko & Paul who created the service to provide some financial basis for the Artisan project.

The following individuals and operations (in no specific order) did support the development of this version with their donation to cover about 8% of the development costs: Marcelo Aleandre Gasparoto, Erik Jan Leo De Wilde, Doug Francisco, Loun (Covabrelli Coffee), Ricky Shafer, Michael Prem, Marc Gilbert, Marc (Alte Kellerei), John Fifield, Frank Bland, Alessandro (Bar Nuovo, San Mauro Pascoli), Michael Mizuno, John Dodson, Gallus Coffees, Li Shi, Milorad Popadic, Ron (Contrabean), Jose Alberto De La Guardia Pardo, Marcus Hernandez, Chuck (Elevated Roast), Jung​Young Sam, Nico Damanik, Bean & Leaf, LLC, Robert Schmidt, George Evans, Boris Nurko, David Protter, Timm & Lori (Conversatio Coffee Roasters), Kevin Wangsnes, Søren Søndergaard, Chuck McKay, John Fifield, Uwe Michael Flommersfeld, Randy (Craigmyle Truck and Trailer Sales), James Hyland, Joshua McWilliam, Wuthipong Suponthana, Philipp Schönbächler, Kate Koles, Rafael Paolo Orozco Alvarado, Sunset Roasters, Daniel Cote, Derek Gribble, Oliver Prosperi, Guas, (Orlando Coffee Roasters), Jennifer Jackson, Norman Kuckert, Wolfgang (Kaffeerösterei Strauss), James Fraga, Earl Lempke, Mikhael Cabrera, Gary Lundy, Sebastian Baumgärtner, Lewis (Dutchmans Creek Enterprises), Scott Girdamno, J. Miller, あきまん企画, Htin Aung, Anuchit Mahasaksawad, Clemens Birklbauer, Michael Cooke, Jason (Hermetheus Coffee), Terry Hauser, 송​민섭, Robert Shostak, Rich Inert, Mr. Rogers, Daniel Rooke, Philip (Just Roasted), Sebastian Blaha, Doug Champion, Winston Fontes, Humberto Remigio Gamba, Antonius Asbroek and Jane Lau.

We would like to thank especially the ones on the growing list of those that are supporting this project regularly: Jaroslav (doubleshot), Frans Goddijn, Gary Seeman, Grant and Jody (Speyside Coffee Roasting), Marcel Speek, Flint W Orr, Manuel (Caffe Terzi), Adam Glass, Steffen Müller, Jim (Salvation Coffee Company), Matthias Theobald, Gary Seeman, Dan (Fat Rabbit Coffee), Thomas Husband, Robert Denson, Alan (Skylands Roastery), Arch Getty, Norman Hardy and David Austin.

Now get active! Contribute ideasreport issues, help to improve the documentation and correct and extent the localizations. If you are short in time, consider to contribute with a donation to enable us to develop a next version.

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Your Artisan team

Dave, Michael and Marko

What's New?

As always many things have been improved and small features added like the Loring CSV importer or the additional machine support for some new models from Besca (BEE v2 and BSC full-automatic), San Franciscan, Titanium, and Coffee Machine Sale (this releases sponsor). Two major new features have been introduced. Auto Time Axis Modes and the Comparator Phases Widget. All other additions, changes and fixes are documented in the Detail Release History.

Auto Time Axis Modes

This version extends the automatic time axis mechanism by modes supporting the between batch protocol (BBP). This mechanism sets the time axis min/max limits such that the currently loaded roast profile is fully in range. Two new modes allow to automatically set those limits to include the BBP before the roast or just the BBP, respectively. The automatic time axis mode can be set in the Axis dialog (menu Config >> Axis) and quickly toggled by pressing the key G.

Comparator Phases Widget

The Comparator has been extended by a widget phases listing the roast phases of the displayed profiles. Just drag the separator at the bottom of the graph up to show this widget.

YouTube Channel

Recently we started a YouTube channel on Artisan. Here we publish short tutorials, webinar recordings and event reports. The first two webinars on Artisan organized by Royal Coffee have already been published as well as a brief tutorial on the Artisan Axis System and a report from the World of Coffee Milan (WoC'22). Subscribe to our channel not to mis out any new additions!