Thursday, December 22, 2022

Artisan v2.8.2

This is a maintenance release which fixes some regressions discovered in v2.8.0 and gives the Designer some love.


The Artisan project runs on donations from individuals and companies recognising the value of Artisan for their customers, work or leisure. Consider supporting this project with your donation, or even better, purchase an membership!

We kept Coffee Machines Sale from Poland as release sponsor for this release.

We welcome Sivetz Roasting Machines as new machine sponsor.

As for many releases before, we received support from Buckeye Coffee Roasters (USA). A big thank you from the Artisan community for your ongoing support. Compliment!

In return we offer every customer that purchases a machine from Randy a free 1-year PRO subscription! This offer is valid while Artisan v2.8.2 is the current release.

Again the majority of the costs have been on the shoulders of Marko & Paul who created the service to provide some financial basis for the Artisan project.

The following individuals and operations (in no specific order) did support the development of this version with their donation to cover about 5% of the development costs: James Horne, Glenn Tinseth, Michael Atkins, Jeeraphan Kanchanaveera, Joseph (D'Leon Coffee Roasters), Ray Dalton, Brian Travis, Justin Fernandez, Darren (Dark Star Coffee Roasters), Altos de Quitupamba, Eugene Nightingale, Michael Stoeger, Dierk Schl├╝tter, Richard Krouse, Brendan Hammond, Sargent Caldwell, Tina and Jerry (Utah Coffee Expressions), Rex McRee and Richard (Free Space Coffee).

We would like to thank especially the ones on the growing list of those that are supporting this project regularly: Frans Goddijn, William Johnson, Marcel Speek, Tom Chips, Dan Coplan, Graham Kennedy, Flint W Orr,  Thomas Husband, Patrizio (Balloon Coffee Roasters GmbH), Rosewood Fun, Marsal Bruna,  Barry Rodstein, Margaret Gillespie, Adam Glass, and Kent Simmons.

Now get active! Contribute ideasreport issues, help to improve the documentation and correct and extent the localizations. If you are short in time, consider to contribute with a donation to enable us to develop a next version.

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Your Artisan team

Dave, Michael and Marko

What's New?

We left Twitter and joined mastodon.

The regression that prevented proper saving of PDFs in Windows and the control on Probat Series II machines is fixed. Support was added for

All other additions, changes and fixes are documented in the Detail Release History.

Check out what Jason Scott from Hermetheus Coffee identified as his top-three new features in this version of Artisan. Perhaps it can inspire you to dig in and find some favorite features of your own!