Sunday, May 20, 2018

Artisan v1.3.1

This version of Artisan is mostly a bug-fix release, resolving many minor issues reported by users since the release of v1.3 about a month ago.

We could also squeeze in some notable small additions and changes that might be useful.

  • support for the new Fuji PXF PIDs
  • insert action for the custom event button table. Just select a row and press Add to have a new row added before the selected one
  • insert action for the alarms table. Just select a row and press Insert to have a new row added before the selected one
  • roast data tables now support the copy action to quickly copy the selected data as tab delimited text into external programs
  • events created by sliders have the description field set to the event value translated via the sliders factor/offset specification and a unit postfix
  • Cmd-S short cut for the "Save As" file action
  • Fullscreen mode gets remembered over restart, allowing to startup in fullscreen mode
  • ...and some more. Check the Release History for all the details.

Further, Michael integrated his excellent Getting Started Guide into the Artisan home page for easier navigation. In the next month we will turn this guide into a fully fledged online manual.

This release was supported by Randy (Buckeye Coffee Roasters), Paul, Joshua, Gary, Qiao, Corneel, Quinn (Peritus Coffee Roasters), Tsai Chi, Jeeraphan, Oliver, Mario, Nguyen, Christan, Matthias, Tolga (onetake coffee) and Spencer (Roastorium). We thank you all!

Find the new builds on the Artisan Github page!

More to come...
The Artisan team