Friday, May 25, 2018

Artisan @ WOC 2018

Thanks to the support of Frans from Kostverorenvaart and Arnoud from the Vintage Espresso Machine workshop I am happy to announce the first Artisan community meeting!

Update: Frans was so kind to post some pics of the event on

On Fr. 22.6, 19:30 during the SCA World of Coffee 2018 Amsterdam, we will meet at Arnoud's Vintage Espresso Machine workshop, which is a little outside Amsterdam, not far from the city but on farmland, in what used to be a huge glass house / greenhouse farming building. The place is not easily reachable by public transport from Amsterdam. Sorry!

Learn on recent developments, the current version and the future of Artisan!

This event is for professional and amateur roasters who are already using Artisan software or have some interest to do so. After a general introduction we will touch

  • hardware selection and setup
  • roasting tools
  • automation
  • and more

There will be lots of time for answering questions and taking suggestions.

Catch your ticket here!

Hope to see some of you there,