Thursday, July 29, 2021

Artisan v2.4.6


Artisan v2.4.6 adds structures to calculate energy consumption and CO₂ production per roast.


The Artisan project runs on donations from individuals and companies recognising the value of Artisan for their work or leisure. Consider supporting this project with your donation!

Much thanks go to Sweet Maria's, the suppliers of green coffee and home coffee roasting supplies, who took the release sponsorship for Artisan v2.4.6!

This release, as every other release this and the last years, was supported by the amazing Randy (Buckeye Coffee Roasters, USA). Compliment! 

In return we offer every customer that purchases a machine from Randy a free 1-year PRO subscription! This offer is valid while Artisan v2.4.6 is the current release.


This release is also made possible by the machine manufactures Besca (TR), Coffed (PL), IP-CC (GR), Probat (DE), Roastmax (AU), and Toper (TR) who provided support for the further development of Artisan. A big thanks to all of them!

Marko & Paul created the service to provide a financial basis for the Artisan project.

The following individuals and operations (in no specific order) did support the development of this version with their donation: Sam Foley, Sheldon Wenger,  John (The Salt Lake Roasting Co.), Marsal Bruna, David Parker, Dan (Lawrence String Instruments) Gianfranco Azzarone, Todd Waltemade, David (Pech Services LLC), Martin Escobar, Todd Waltemade, Gerald (Meister Zenger Coffee), William Waits, Hans Roodenburg, Markus (Kaffeewerkstatt Kucha), Daniel Gerbers, Bernt Harsh,Koehn (Beanergy Roasting Co.), Markus Wenzel, 鈴木 貴之, Tiago (Brrazuca C.O. BV), Just Dust, Allister MacSorley, Arsalan (Flux Coffee), Anne Huge, Frank Haist, James (Folk City Roasters), Brian Larsen, Jared Dean, Guy (Espressotech), Andres Freytes, John (Dockside Coffee), Martin Dieckmann, Guido Fisler, Alexander (Röstereibedarf), Brad Davis, Gracia Posada, Anthony (ReZound Productions), Robert Dossett, Levente Balo, Benjamin (Benson Coffee), Henk Cowan, Graham Jessup, Phil (Anonymous Coffee Co.), Markus Moll, Rogelio Martinez, Dario (Etruria Manifatture di A.Cavicchi), Gavin Martin, Robert Manning, Alan Hunter, Jamie (Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy), Charles Dunlap, Ronald Lee, Arie Boon, Jonathan and Shelly (Porch Culture Coffee Roasters), David Goldsobel, Richard Unger, Mike (Nature Source Coffee), Andreas Fürst, James Gentry, Robert Denson.

We would like to thank especially those that are supporting this project regularly: Craig Seko, Steven Kelleher, David Austin, Jesse Manning, Frans (Kostverlorenvaart), Michael (Encore Coffee Company LLC), Mario Holste, Rosemary Levine, Manfred (Werksbrandt), Thomas Husband, Arch Getty, Colin (Iron Mule, Inc.), Flint Orr, Reyphilip Sowels, Manuel (Café Terzi), Ed Warschilka, Adam Glass, and Richard (Free Space Coffee).

Extra thanks goes to Loren Nasser for enabling the project to acquire a Windows 10 license at a great discount.

Now get active! Contribute ideas, report issues, help to improve the documentation and correct and extent the localizations as Leo Huang (Rainforest Coffee Institute, RCI) for Chinese and Richard Rodrigues for Spanish did for this version. If you are short in time, consider to contribute with a donation to enable us to develop the next version.

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Your Artisan team

Marko, Dave, and Michael

What's new?

This version delivers many small fixes and improvements. The full list of additions, changes and fixes is available in the Detailed Release History. The most prominent new features are the following.

Tracking Energy Consumption & CO₂ Production

In a parallel activity we formed the NORM ROAST Working Group of manufactures and field experts to define a global harmonised standard for determining the levels of pollutants, CO2 emissions and energy consumption of small to mid-size coffee roasting machines.


The UI translations for Chinese and Spanish were heavily improved. Further, translations for Vietnamese, Danish, Latvian, Slovak and Scottish have been added.

Curve Rendering

Flags have been added to allow you to choose to hide the part of the curves before CHARGE and after DROP, separately for the foreground profile (flag "Show Full" in the Curves dialog, menu Config >> Curves, second tab Filters) and background template (flag "Show Full" in the Background dialog, menu Roast >> Background). Pressing the shortcut keys "i" and "o" allows to quickly toggle those two flags. Further shortcuts are listed under menu Help >> Keyboard Shortcuts.

Visibility of a loaded background profile can be toggled by clicking its title on the top right of the graph. Two further flags have been added to control the visibility of background profiles to the Background dialog (menu Roast >> Background). The flag "Clear the background before loading a new profile" allows to always get rid of previously loaded background profiles on loading a profile, and the flag "Always hide background when loading a profile" will hide background profiles immediately after loading.

Image Export

Profiles exported as images via menu File >> Save Graph are rendered now in better quality. Optimized image exports for Facebook and Instagram posts have been added.

The integration with the online inventory management service has been extended in many ways. Artisan now allows to load profiles from URLs which allows to load .alog profiles attached to a roast on with one click and thus allows direct profile sharing with the guests of your account. 

A click on the artisan icon on an roast entry allows to load a profile in Artisan to the foreground (colored icon) or the background (grey icon).

Besides support for organic production reports and FLO-IDs identifying sustainable business, has been extended by an energy consumption and CO2 production widget that sums up your consumption and emissions over all roasts.

Machine and Device Support

This version adds support for the
The Giesen setups were updated by a second palette (press command-2 to toggle to this palette and command-1 to go back to the original simpler palette 1) that defines buttons to drive actors optionally available on the larger machines, like operating the discharge door.

The list of supported devices has been extended by the Yoctopuce modules Yocto-0-10V-Rx, Yocto-milliVolt-Rx and Yocto-Serial. The support for Phidgets PWM modules (like the OUT1100) has been extended by a command to set the PWM frequency and a command has been added to set the current limit on DCMotor modules

What else?

Improved Support

We added a help page on, which holds links to all information resource available around Artisan and contains newly composed list of frequently asked questions (FAQ). To foster the discussions  of the Artisan community on the software and beyond, we established Artisan Discussion Forum on GitHub. To post on this forum, a GitHub registration is required (see how register on GitHub and how to describe to Artisan discussions, by Dave). Our idea is to move technical discussion from the Artisan mailing list to this new support forum and reserve the mailing list for announcements to the community.

Safe for the next 1000 years!

The Artisan repository has been included in the GitHub snapshot captured on 02/02/2020, which was archived to hardened film designed to last for 1,000 years, and stored in the GitHub Arctic Code Vault in a decommissioned coal mine deep beneath an Arctic mountain in Svalbard, Norway.

Phidgets Education

Marko gave an interview to Phidgets  Education, introducing Artisan and its use of Phidgets in coffee roasting.

Only one SD card got hurt on building this release...