Tuesday, September 21, 2021

10 degrees above FCs

Michael just asked me to extend the alarm system of Artisan to allow him to add an alarm that would speak to him once his bean temperature increased by 10 degrees after first crack start.

Well, nothing to add. One just needs to use a sequence of two alarms building an alarm chain. The first alarm should trigger at FCs and set the scene.

Alarm Rule 1:

  • From: FC Start (don't trigger before FCs)
  • Time: 00:01 (keeping time at the default "00:00" would deactivate the time criteria)
  • Source: <empty> (temperature empty to deactivate the temperature criteria)
  • Condition: <any>
  • Value: <any>
  • Action: <empty (we do not want anything to happen yet)

The second alarm is guarded by the first and will trigger, once the temperature raised by 10 degrees relative to when the first alarm triggered.

Alarm Rule 2:

  • If Alarm: 1 (never trigger before Alarm 1 triggered)
  • From: If Alarm (relative criteria mode, interpreting them relative to when Alarm 1 triggered)
  • Time: 00:00 (deactivate time criteria)
  • Source: BT (we want to observe the bean temperature signal)
  • Condition: above
  • Value: 10 (interpreted in the selected temperature unit)
  • Action: Call Program
  • Description: say 10C after first crack. Time to DROP!
The action of this second rule will have your computer say "10C after first crack. Time to DROP!" once the rule fires on macOS. Read on Talking Alarms on how to have your system do the same.

A quick test with a device simulator verifies the correctness. You can as well run the build in simulator to test those rules.